The belated review of my S-series notebook from Sony. Despite only weighing 4.2 lbs, you don't sacrifice much as this notebook has desktop-like performance all in a sexy package that should impress. Read one to find out about this series of notebooks.


The S-series notebook from Sony has the desktop-like performance and many people will use it as their primary system. If they travel a lot then they will want a docking station so that they can just come home (or go to the office) and drop their laptop in and start working without need to plug everything in. Sony has the provided such a dock for their S-series notebook and certainly is a worthwhile accessory. Read on to find out more.

Sony VAIO Pocket Cases - VGP-CKP1 and PDAir

With Sony's recent price drop of the VAIO Pocket, it seems everyone is interested with the VAIO Pocket. Of course, finding accesories for it is challenging so I've written up a quick guide to different cases I've tried out. Both are good cases and are designed differently and worth taking a look if you're going to invest in a VAIO Pocket player.

Sony Network Walkman NW-E507

Sony's iPod Shuffle competitor finally arrives embracing MP3 and a ton of new features. How does it stack up? Is it worth the wait? Does it live up to the expectations of a Sony digital audio player? Read on to find out how well this device does and why you may want to consider it.

VAIO Pocket VGF-AP1 Update

Sony updates their VAIO Pocket to become a true MP3 player with a new firmware. Along the way, they provide a ton of new usability enhancements that now make it a competitive product in the crowded hard disk based digital audio player market. Is it enough? Well, if you're already an owner, you definitely want to download this update! Read on to find out more about this update!


Sony brings their alleged "iPod Killer" to the market. I share my experience of using one for the past several months getting to learn the finer details of it. Is it competitive? Too little too late? Read on to find out more about Sony's first portable hard disk player.

Sony VGP-CKS1 Semi-Hard Case

Another semi-hard slipcase but this time, it's for my shiny new Sony VAIO Type S notebook. As always, I like to keep my toys safe so it's off to find the elusive Sony slipcase since Sony doesn't sell one in the US yet. Check out the review for more information on my thoughts.

Dexia Rack

Again, I look at another stand for my notebook so I can use it while doing other stuff. The Dexia Rack is unique in that it's designed to be portable yet it's sturdy enough to be extremely useful. Check out the review for more information on my thoughts.

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