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VAIO Pocket Cases


With the growing number of VAIO Pocket owners, many have asked about case options for the device since there doesn’t appear to be many for it. Today, I will be covering the Sony VGP-CKP1 Carrying Case and PDAir’s VAIO Pocket Case (3BSYP1F11/3BSY1LF11) as options to keep your VAIO Pocket safe and protected.


The VGP-CKP1 is the original case released in Japan for the VAIO Pocket. It’s a well built case with a synthetic scratch resistant exterior and a soft interior. The VAIO Pocket slips in snuggly and is enclosed with a Velcro cover with the pretty VAIO logo located on it.

The remote/audio connector is the only exposed connector so you can listen to music while the device is in the case. All other connectors or buttons are fully covered by the case. The was designed for use with the VAIO Pocket remote as you would have to fully remove the VAIO Pocket from VGP-CKP1 if you want to manually control it with the G-Sense.

Overall, it’s not a bad case which serves a basic purpose for protecting your VAIO Pocket. However, it’s very limited since you don’t have access to the device itself unless you remove it. Also, there’s no belt clip or any kind of clip so you won’t be able to mount it anyware.

PDAir VAIO Pocket Case

PDAir offers two versions of their VAIO Pocket case. One is for the 20GB model and the other is for the 40GB model. The PDAir is an impeccably made leather case with quality stitching.

The PDAir case is unique it’s design in which all aspects of the VAIO Pocket are accessible when the VAIO Pocket is in the case. Without fully removing the case, you can open the flap and access the G Sense controls and see the LCD screen. Also, all of the ports except for the docking connector can be accessed when the case is on. So, if you don’t normally use the remote control then you will like this case.

The case also has a belt clip which screws onto the back of the case. It’s very secure but the only problem with it is that it’s very bulky when attached. It may be a little heavy when you wear it on your belt. I’m wondering if a pre-attached clip may have been better.

The inside of the flap cover has two slots presumably for credit cards or other items of that size. It’s a nice touch should you wish to carry less items around.

At only $28, it’s a relative bargain. The low price is amazing considering the quality of the product and the design. It’s definitely worth looking into.

Final Thoughts

You’ll want to get a case for your VAIO Pocket regardless and these are but a sample of some of the solutions. I lean towards the PDAir case since it’s so well made and more functional than the Sony case. It’s slightly bulkier because of the extended flap but it’s worth it. From what I can tell, the VGP-AMC4 is similar to the VGP-CKP1 except for the different material used.

VAIO Pocket Cases

For more information about the cases you can visit the following sites.

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