Acronis True Image 6.0

Backups. Everyone needs them...including me. Today, I'm going to cover one of the best system backup programs I've seen in a long time. The funny thing is that I had never heard of the software until fairly recently. Acronis True Image 6 creates full drive and partition backups and offers functionality not found in competing products that cost more. Best of all, it does so with a friendly interface and works with a wide variety of devices. Read on to find out more about this great product.

Microsoft Bluetooth Intellimouse Explorer

I wanted a wireless mouse to use with my notebook and although there are tons of good RF based wireless mice, I decided to play with a Bluetooth one since they were starting to become available. Here's my account of the Microsoft Bluetooth Intellimouse Explorer which gives me some mixed emotions. Read on to see what I liked and didn't like about this device.

In the search for a more ergonomic workstation, I needed a good stand for my notebook to keep myself from peering down at the screen all the time. As a previous sufferer of repetitive stress injury I knew I needed to find something that would keep me healthy. I ended up getting a Lapvantage Dome which turns your notebook into a iMac like workstation. Read on to find out how it works.

Soldam Polo R + Shuttle PH4

As per a few requests, I've made a little blurb on how to get the Shuttle PH4 Heat Pipe to fit inside the diminutive yet, ultra sexy Soldam Polo R. It does take a little work and some careful bending but ultimately, you can install Shuttle's innovative cooling solution inside your Polo R system.

Sony PCGA-BA1/A Bluetooth USB Adapter

If you already read my review of the Sony TR1 then you'll know that I lamented the lack of built-in Bluetooth despite the fact that it's offered on TR models outside the US and despite the fact that Sony USA sells many devices with Bluetooth functionality built-in. Read on to see how well this adapter plays with the other various Bluetooth devices in my personal area network.


With my recent acquisition of the Sony PCG-TR1AP, I felt I needed a nice case to go along with it. Find out what I went with and why you might want to look for this case if you happen to have this laptop. Why Sony chose not to officially release this in the United States is beyond me.


After pining for an Intel Pentium M based sub-notebook and some tough decisions, I finally decide on the Sony VAIO TR1AP and bought myself an early birthday present. I knew that going Sony meant shelling out more hard earned money. However, after repeatedly visiting my local stores to play with the system, I felt like it would be a good buy and went with my instinct. So, any buyers remorse? Read on to see my thoughts on this neat little machine and how well it integrates into my digital lifestyle.

Soldam Polo R

After many months of daily usage and admiration, I review the Soldam Polo R system I bought as a birthday present to myself. Is this the sexiest small form factor system available? Well, that's probably debatable but you definitely can't resist the charms of this barebones system. Shipped from Japan, this system wasn't cheap but neither is the built quality. Read on to find out my opinion of this system and all of the nice touches I found.

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