Waterfield Designs SleeveCase

Sony VAIO ZWith my recent purchase of a new notebook, it was time to get it some protection. I used to go with the manufacturer sleeve case but this time I finally went with Waterfield Designs after lusting after their products for years.


Sony VAIO ZAfter four years of waiting to upgrade my aging notebook, Sony unleashes the new VAIO Z, a notebook that meets my needs perfectly and provides an amazing feature set in a diminutive mobile package.


The belated review of my S-series notebook from Sony. Despite only weighing 4.2 lbs, you don't sacrifice much as this notebook has desktop-like performance all in a sexy package that should impress. Read one to find out about this series of notebooks.


The S-series notebook from Sony has the desktop-like performance and many people will use it as their primary system. If they travel a lot then they will want a docking station so that they can just come home (or go to the office) and drop their laptop in and start working without need to plug everything in. Sony has the provided such a dock for their S-series notebook and certainly is a worthwhile accessory. Read on to find out more.

Sony VGP-CKS1 Semi-Hard Case

Another semi-hard slipcase but this time, it's for my shiny new Sony VAIO Type S notebook. As always, I like to keep my toys safe so it's off to find the elusive Sony slipcase since Sony doesn't sell one in the US yet. Check out the review for more information on my thoughts.

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