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Every once in a while, I get lazy and want to use my notebook in front of the TV or anywhere away from my desk. If I put it on the floor, I run into a few issues. First, the notebook is too low and I have to crouch forward in an awkward position that’s condusive to neck, back and wrist pain. I could use my Lapvantage Dome but it takes up space and I hate moving it around. I decided to look for a secondary stand that I could use and one that could be more transportable. By some random chance, I came across the Dexia Designs Rack Laptop Stand which met my criteria. I decided to pick one up to see if it was all that I expected.

Dexia Rack

The Rack is a simple device with a nice design. It uses aircraft-grade anondized aluminum so that it’s thin, light, but extremely sturdy as well. Also, it’s unique design allows you to fold it up so that it doesn’t take up any space at all. The actual top surface is a nice 10.1” x 13.0” (257 x 330 mm) which allows for notebooks from 10” to 17” designs to fit comfortably.

The sturdiness of the stand is due in part to the two foldable legs that spread 20.2” (262mm). The legs are further reinforced by two flexible stainless steel cables. With the legs folded out, the surface is 7.6” (193mm) off the ground which can accomodate average sized legs (although it is a bit tight). It can also be used while you’re sitting on the couch. If you use the Dexia Rack on your desk, the space under the stand can accomodate normal sized keyboards with enough space for a mice as well.

When the legs are folded the device is only 0.75 inches (19mm) thick while only weighing 1.5 pounds (0.7kg) making it extremely light and easily portable.

One nice thing about the Rack is the space in the middle of the stand. It keeps the weight down and also allows for extra ventilation for notebooks with vents located in the middle of the notebook. My Sony TR notebook happens to have this arrangement so it works out perfectly.

The Rack in Action

Here’s some pictures of the stand in action.

Final thoughts and comments

The Dexia Rack is a very nice stand. While you can use this stand on a desk, I think it really excels as a floor/couch stand and for those times when you want to be away from your desk. As a non-adjustable stand it’s one of the better ones since it’s extremely well made, sturdy, light and very portable. At a reasonable $45.95, it’s also affordable considering all that you get. For people who travel frequently and want a flexible stand they can take with them then they should give the Dexia Rack a good look.

Admittedly, I love this thing because it allows me to work and lazily sit in front of the TV at the same time. The height is just right for me and allows me to type comfortably without any straining. I also really liked that it was foldable and easy to put away when not in use. Also, when traveling, I found it extremely convenient to take on the road as it fits in my backpack with ease.

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