iPhone Stalking: Nap Interrupted

I was attempting to take a nap but was roused by the sound of activity. There’s an interesting crowd that’s hanging out in the line. In addition to group of people actually waiting for the iPhone, we’ve been joined by some of the colorful homeless people. Most of them are pretty nice if not eclectic with lots of vivid stories…sometimes too vivid.

thumbnail image thumbnail image thumbnail image

Santa Monica’s finest has been out and about making sure we’re all behaving and not causing any trouble.

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The local media companies have started to come out en masse. The first to show up was Fox 11’s Amy Murphy and her crew. Once she showed up, all hell broke loose with a lot of people in line acting like madmen trying to get their 15 seconds of fame. As you would expect in show business, you can’t compete with kids and animals…..unless you’re doing live streaming from the webcam of your MacBook! So, some of the fanboys got on TV…as well as the guy with the bulldog behind me.

It’s now dawn…








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