Sony VAIO TZ, Droolworthy?

Over at Notebook Review, I noticed that details of Sony’s VAIO TZ were released. It looks like the next generation T-series is a design update to their venerable ultraportable line. Taking design cues from their groundbreaking VAIO X505 product, the new TZ really does look elegant.

The specifications are modestly updated and makes for a compelling ultra mobile solution. That did get me thinking that it’s a little underwhelming considering the release of Intel’s new Centrino platform (Santa Rosa). The reason why I feel it’s a little underwhelming is because some of the new technologies in the Santa Rosa-based platform would be perfect for this form factor.

Aside from the slightly better integrated graphics (Intel X3100 vs. Intel GMA950), the updated 802.11n wireless networking, and better overall power management, the new platform also adds a new option called Intel Turbo Memory. This technology, formerly called Robson, is additional flash cache memory that works with Windows Vista and enables Vista ReadyDrive with any hard disk. In essence, it gives some of the performance benefits that having a hybrid hard drive will allegedly have. Given that the T-series uses 4200RPM 1.8” hard disks, something like Intel Turbo Memory (assuming it works) would help a lot since since the hard disk is the bottleneck in the system. Also, this technology should allow for even better battery life (which is already excellent). I suspect the main reason why they didn’t go with the new platform is because there is no Ultra Low Voltage (ULV) processor in the family yet. The T-series has always used ULV processors and the current line only has Low Voltage (LV) processors.

At any rate, it’s a great looking system that is solid but I eagerly await the next version that takes advantage of this next generation platform.








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