iPhone Stalking: First Message from the Promenade

I arrived around 1am and am now at the back of the line. I gather that I’m around the 40th or 50th person in line. I’ll do a full count once I get setup and take some photos. Thank goodness, Santa Monica has free wi-fi in this part of the city. Good for them. Here’s a few pictures of the scene right now.

thumbnail image thumbnail image

[Update 1:30am]
First incident. Employees leaving the Adidas store started taunting the group of Apple fanboys who had setup a little camp midway in the line. While it started out friendly, the Apple fanboys got really riled up for being “stupid enough to wait in line”. Of course, the fanboys started pulling the “elitist” angle by retorting, “Hey, you work in a shoe store. Enough said.” Part of me thinks that was a clever if not elitist comment. Adidas employees didn’t like that and started telling the fanboys to stop looking at porn on their MacBook and MacBook Pros. From there it got juvenile and I tuned out…adidas employees finally left. I think I’ll take a nap. More to follow…








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