Dexia Rack

Again, I look at another stand for my notebook so I can use it while doing other stuff. The Dexia Rack is unique in that it's designed to be portable yet it's sturdy enough to be extremely useful. Check out the review for more information on my thoughts.

Booq PowerSleeve12

In search of yet another bag for one of my gadgets, I stumble across the Booq's PowerSleeve12 sleevecase which looks like it might fit my Sony VAIO TR notebook with its large capacity battery. Read on more to find out my thoughts on this product.

Sony TR Bluetooth Upgrade

My long search to integrate Bluetooth into my Sony TR notebook finally comes to an end. Not only do I find a genuine part but I get the exact part and learn a lot of things along the way. Check this out if you're a Sony TR owner and are looking to add Bluetooth to your notebook!

Grandtec GEZ-1000 VGA-to-TV

Here's a neat little device that allows you to enable your notebook to have TV out...assuming you don't already have it. Everything is integrated and it's surprisingly affordable. It's simple to use, relatively small, and it works! Read on to find out more about it!

Toshiba 5GB PC Card

In my search to easily add some storage to my notebook that was fairly economic and voluminous, I decided to take a look at Toshiba's PC Card hard disk. At 5GB of capacity, the drive is fairly large for this kind of device and less expensive than flash media. So, how did I like? Was it what I was looking for? Or will my search lead elsewhere?

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