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As a gadget freak, I’m constantly on the look out for accessories for my assortment of toys…err…life enhancement devices. I have been pondering trying out a new case for my Sony VAIO TR notebook because the original case I purchased for it doesn’t fit when I have the large capacity battery installed. It really isn’t a big problem but it did give me an excuse to look around at other cases. I’ve actually considered many other cases but have not acted on trying them out as I was looking for something unique looking. One member of the Sony TR World forums pointed me to the bags made by Booq Bags.

Most of Booq’s designs are fairly Apple iBook and Powerbook oriented in terms of size however, they seem to leave a little extra room that make their products pretty compatible with a wide range of notebooks. While Booq makes a nice variety of bags and sleevecases, I narrowed in on their PowerSleeve12 unit.

Booq PowerSleeve12

The PowerSleeve12 is designed for 12” Powerbooks, 12” iBooks, or ultracompact subnotebooks. My Sony VAIO TR fits into the latter category so I thought it might be a good match.

Booq actually makes two different sized sleeves that will fit the Sony VAIO TR one being called the iSleeve12 and the other being the PowerSleeve12. I immediately removed the iSleeve12 from contention as I didn’t feel it was as sturdy as the PowerSleeve12. Also, from a style perspective the PowerSleeve12 just seemed nicer.

The case has the following specifications:
• Interior dimensions: 11.2 x 9.1 x 1.4
• Exterior dimensions: 12.2 x 10.1 x 2.4
• Weight: 1.4 lbs.
• Colors: Black or Grey/White

I opted for the Grey/White model because I liked the look of it better than the straight black model. Also, I have more black bags than I know what to do with so having a change was nice.


As a sleeve, it’s extremely well crafted using high quality nylon and nice thick padding. The nylon also seems to have a rubbery backing (on the inside) that helps make the case a little more weather resistant than most other sleeves. So, an accidental spill of liquid should be kept out and won’t be absorbed in.

Booq says the padding of the PowerSleeve12 is around 0.5” thick and I’d say that’s a fair measurement. The stitch work is also very well done with clean lines and not a lot of exposed stitches.

The sleeve closes using a thick heavy duty plastic clasp. It’s adjustable so that you can get a tighter fit.

On the sides of the sleeve are some sturdy D-rings so that you can use the included strap and use the sleeve as a case. The strap is very well made and the shoulder pad on it is extremely well-cushioned. And since I’m only carrying around a 3.5lb notebook it will probably remain well-cushioned for a while. There’s also a rugged carrying handle on top when you don’t want to use the strap.

There’s also a zippered pocket on the lid of the sleeve which has room for a notebook power adapter, a slim digital camera, or other accessories. It’s not a lot of space but should be sufficient for small things. On the rear of the sleeve there’s another zippered pocket. This pocket has enough room for several items like a notepad, a power adapter, etc.

I did have some initial concerns on the size of the case. I knew that the dimensions might be a little big for my Sony VAIO TR (with large capacity battery) but I’d figured it would be close enough. Well, I was mostly correct. My subnotebook does fit although there is about 0.5” of extra space. However, the notebook barely moves around due to the snug fit. Out of curiosity, I tried the Sony VAIO TR with the standard battery installed and it did tend to slide around a little while in the case. Of course, I didn’t mind this that much since my whole purpose was to find a bag that would work well with the large capacity battery.

Final Thoughts and Comments

As this is my first Booq product, I must say that I’m impressed with the quality of their products. They are well built, thoughtfully designed and priced affordably. Priced at $44.95, it is attractively priced. Other sleeves cost around the same price and don’t offer the same flexibility. You have various carry options or you can simply slide it into your existing messenger bag, backpack, or suitcase. There’s also a lot to like about the aesthetic touches on the case. It just shows that there’s a lot attention to detail and that’s always nice.

Apple Powerbook and iBook users will find the bag a perfect fit for their notebooks. Other notebooks may also fit into the case like my Sony VAIO TR with large capacity battery so you’ll definitely want to check the dimensions of your notebook to make sure it fits.  For the notebooks that are on the smaller side, you can always remedy the extra space with a rolled up piece of cloth. It may not be ideal but it works.

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