Sony PCGA-BP3T Enhanced Battery

Notebook manufacturers are notorious for exagerating the life of their notebook batteries. With new Centrino products claiming longer battery life and new products like the Sony TR being a shining example I decide to see how good the claims are and if they're just blowing smoke. Read on to find out what I found with Sony's enhanced battery for the Sony TR notebook.

Netegriti EM-500AG

As always, I cannot leave well enough alone and I decide to upgrade the wireless in my Sony TR notebook. Did it work out well? Was I scared out of my mind taking apart a Sony notebook (yes)? Read on to find out what I discovered about miniPCI cards, the various types of cards available, and some harsh realities about WPA security.


With my recent acquisition of the Sony PCG-TR1AP, I felt I needed a nice case to go along with it. Find out what I went with and why you might want to look for this case if you happen to have this laptop. Why Sony chose not to officially release this in the United States is beyond me.


After pining for an Intel Pentium M based sub-notebook and some tough decisions, I finally decide on the Sony VAIO TR1AP and bought myself an early birthday present. I knew that going Sony meant shelling out more hard earned money. However, after repeatedly visiting my local stores to play with the system, I felt like it would be a good buy and went with my instinct. So, any buyers remorse? Read on to see my thoughts on this neat little machine and how well it integrates into my digital lifestyle.

Fujitsu P2120 CDRW Upgrade

This time I try to spruce up my Fujitsu P2120 to use a slot loading drive to add to the coolness factor. It actually was pretty easy to do and the results were very cool. Read on to see what madness occured...

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