TRACKBACK - KoKoRo: Sony’s new GSM phones

I’ve had my current Sony Ericsson T68i for over 2 years now and it has served me well. I’ve been searching for a new phone for a while but nothing has really come close to the features of my phone.  I was browsing one of my favorite japanese tech blogs when I saw the new phones that will be released by Sony Ericsson.

I’ve always liked flip phones thanks to the Sony CMD-Z3 I had in France but I’ve never been happy with the ones available in the states. Of course, the one new model that won’t be commercially available in the US is the one that i’m most interested in. I’ll have to start scouring eBay soon to find these new phones…

Here’s the one I have my eye on…

upcoming reviews

the reviews have been slow for no good reason as i’ve been working on a lot stuff in the background lately. my first priority is to finish the design of this site as you can see it’s not completely consistent. anyways, the following items will probably be reviewed over the next couple of weeks:

  • Casio Exilim Z3 Digital Camera
  • IOGear GPSU01 - USB Print Server
  • ATI Radeon 9700 128MB
  • ATI Radeon 9600 256MB
  • Samsung ML-1710 Laser Printer
  • Verbatim Digital Vinyl CD-Rs
  • Acronis TrueImage 6.0
  • Farstone Virtual Drive 7.0

there’s actually a lot more software to be reviewed but those will be forthcoming as there will be some hardware reviews as well. i have been working on some secret projects for my home SFF setup and will be sharing those stories as well.

mad as hell

i recently bought a D-Link DWL-800AP+ Range Extender for my parent’s place because their regular wireless router can be a little weak in certain parts of the house. to my chagrin, the product wouldn’t work with D-Link’s own DWL-713P wireless router. i should have checked the website first but i didn’t figuring it should probably work. Dlink’s solution is to buy the newer DWL-714P+ router or one of the other compatible ones.

this is pretty frustrating because the DWL-713P was only installed a few months ago when the 714P+ did not exist. also, range extending would seem like a pretty common thing to do so you’d figure that D-Link would sell a product that works with their “older” products. anyways, i’ll be looking for other solutions in the meantime.

slow on the updates

i’ve recently been playing some games and those have taken up a lot of my time. i’m pretty bad when it comes to these things as i become extremely obsessive and compulsive when playing games. i just want to sit down and play the whole thing through and finish it so i never have to touch it again. it’s pretty awful.

so, Baldur’s Gate 2 done and Neverwinter Nights done. Still to go are the Shadows of Undrentide add-on for NWN and finally IceWind Dale 2. after that, I should be good for a while…well, until something else comes out.

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