Another review posted and some updates

I posted another review today of the PCGA-CK5T semi-hard case for the Sony VAIO PCG-TR1AP notebook that I reviewed the other day. It’s a quick read with lots of photos. I kept it separate from the notebook review to keep the review from being too long.

Additionally, I added some text to the TR1AP review because I totally overlooked one of the more cool features of the notebook. It has a built-in microphone to go along with the integrated webcam.

Sony VAIO PCG-TR1AP Review

The first of a great many reviews is finally done and posted. Sony’s sleek VAIO PCG-TR1AP. This 3.1 lb. sub-notebook gets a thorough look over and the story of my obsession with sub-notebook continues…

As you can see, I totally skipped over the other items I was planning to review. That wasn’t necessarily planned as I hadn’t even planned to get this notebook. Anyways, I should be getting on track now that everything is settling down. I have decided to reprioritize the next couple of reviews in the following order.

  • Sony PCGA-CK5T Semihard Case
  • Sony PCGA-BA1 USB Bluetooth Adapter
  • Casio Exilim Z3 Digital Camera
  • Acronis TrueImage 6.0

If you’re wondering what happened to other items on the list. I’ll get to those eventually but I’m going to focus on these items first since they’re fresher on the brain. Of course, I anyone out there has any preferences then they can let me know and I can always reprioritize.

System nearly back up…

I’ve basically revived my lost system and now it’s better than ever and running extremely smoothly. Along the way I have been able to test out some new software as well as reinstall old favorites. As always, this process always gives me lots of ideas on reviews and topics to cover.

In the meantime, I’m setting up a new section called my drool list…basically, my take on a wishlist of stuff I have my eyes on to enter the “labs”. Basically, I’ll create an entry for each item and discuss the pros/cons of the product and anything that happens to that product. Stay tuned for the first entry later tonight.

I’ll also have some thoughts for a future purchase in the very near future…yeah, there’s some serious craziness going on in the back of my mind…

A Slight Delay

Due to a bad system crash, I’ve had to do a reinstall of my main system. This is always a tedious process so it’s going to delay some of the reviews that have been planned. The good news is that I’ve also rounded up some new items for review that are being installed in the process.

More news soon once the system is back up.

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