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this is so lame…and not the right solution…

I saw this article over at CDRInfo about a new copy protection scheme called Fade created by Codemasters and Macrovision that slowly degrades the playing experience of a pirated game by simulating scratches on a disc. If the software detects that it’s not the original disc with these software scratches then it starts to make the game behave oddly supposedly encouraging a person to go out and buy the product.

What happens if the disc is actually physically scratched? What happens then? Perhaps they’ve found a way around it. Perhaps not.

The big issue here is that this kind of “anti-piracy” measure is yet another one that doesn’t help solve the problem and instead, inconveniences the legitimate customer. The message it sends is everyone is inherently a criminal so we need to implement this. A lot of companies could learn a lot from Stardock Systems and their stance on the topic. It’s a good read and it’s good to know that at least one company out there has the right idea.

All of these hair-brained schemes make Microsoft’s product activation idea seem like not too bad of an idea. I didn’t like the idea of it in the beginning but it hasn’t been an issue overall. I just don’t like the whole please read me 50 numbers and letters over the phone and I’ll read you 60 back (or something like that).

Site Update: Polo R upgrading

I posted a little blurb about installing a Shuttle PH4 inside of Soldam’s Polo R case. It’s a fairly easy and quick mod assuming you don’t puncture or break the heatpipes. Sound scary? It really isn’t. Check it out in the reviews section if that’s your sort of thing.

They keep on coming…

As promised, I’m punching out the reviews as quickly and as detailed as possible. I’ll probably slow down a little though and move into some other areas and get to some of the items I mentioned a few days earlier.

Anyways, I’ve posted a review of Sony’s USB Bluetooth adapter which turns out to be a pretty good product and one that works with and in non-Sony products. Who would have thought that? You can find the review here.

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