Updating my mobile service

It’s amazing how far mobile plans have come thanks to competition, technology and changes in our usage patterns. After examining my monthly bills for the past year, I noticed that my actual voice usage dropped to a paltry average of less than 200 minutes a month. It wasn’t long ago that I needed at least 1000 minutes to cover my needs. However, that’s all changed and use much less voice now and my text and data usage has increased exponentially. My current plan didn’t reflect my usage patterns so I decided to change it. As a result I’m saving over $20/month which is fantastic.

So, here’s a breakdown of the change:

1000 Minutes (+ Nights/Weekends) -> 500 Minutes (+ Nights/Weekends)
1000 Text -> Unlimited Text
Unlimited Data -> Unlimited Data
Month-To-Month -> Month-To-Month
T-Mobile Hotspot -> No T-Mobile Hotspot

So, I’m losing the T-Mobile Hotspot service which is ok since most Starbucks no longer support it anymore and I’m traveling less now. Also, since I can tether my laptop to my phone it’s not as important as before. So, overall I’m pretty happy to be saving $20 a month and even better was that I didn’t have to sign up for any sort of 2-year agreement. It’s this great customer service that’s kept me a customer for the last seven years.

I’m also glad that T-Mobile’s data plans actually make sense unlike AT&T’s newest data plans which are ridiculous. I think they they make some sense for casual use but with the latest smartphones encouraging more data usage, the plans are a worse deal for their customers. T-Mobile’s rule is truly unlimited with the fastest speeds up to 5GB per month and with slower connection speeds should you go over that limit. There’s no extra charge. Of course, T-Mobile has to do this as one of the smaller carriers but at least they’re giving their customers incentive to stay on the network. I actually like that they’re smaller. I don’t drop calls. grin

At any rate, I suggest that people check their plans from time-to-time to see if they’re matching up with their usage. You might find that there are some hidden savings.








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