DIY Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 stand

Xperia X10 stand

Inspired by my coworkers who had bent used gift-cards into phone stands, I decided to do the same. Unfortunately, I ran into some problems. My new Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 was a lot larger than their phones and due to the size and weight, their stand design did not accommodate mine. So, I set out to design one that would work for me and allow me to orient the phone in portrait and landscape mode.

Here are some shots of the design. For the most part, this is a $0 Do-It-Yourself project assuming you already have the tools and some cards. I used some used iTunes and Coffee Bean gift cards. You could use old “credit/bank cards” but you should probably shred those. Anyways, you’ll need the following:

- Two used gift cards
- Paperclip

The cards alone aren’t enough since the device weight is too much for the cards. Thus, the paper clip is needed for added support and counterbalance. You will also need these tools.

- Needle nose pliers
- Xacto knife
- Cutting board

When folding the cards, you may or may not want to score the cards first so you have a straight line. Also, be aware that some cards bend and break easier than others so take your time.

Xperia X10 stand

Xperia X10 stand

Xperia X10 stand

Xperia X10 stand

You’ll notice I made small notches by the slit to secure the paperclip. I may redesign the paper clip to hold the cable a little better.

Xperia X10 stand

Xperia X10 stand

Xperia X10 stand

For those who are curious, I’m using a right angle micro USB cable so that the cable doesn’t stick straight upwards. You can find it at Amazon: 3FT Right Angle Micro USB Cable Is A Fully Rated USB Cable.

FWIW, we tested the stand with other phones and it’s compatible with the iPhone, Motorola Droid, and Nokia N97.

If you want exact measurements, leave me a comment and I’ll post “schematics”. I plan on making a few small upgrades like adding rubber nubs on the base. More updates to follow. Enjoy!









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