VAIO Z and Sony Customer Care Revisited

A follow up to my last post…

I’m currently waiting the arrival of my 2nd VAIO Z which is scheduled for next week. In the meantime, I’m still using the current one so I can get some testing and reviewing done. Everything else is functional afterall so it would be a shame to not review it. Once I get confirmation that the other laptop has shipped then I’ll start the RMA process with this one. I’ll still be within the 30 days return policy although I will have to eat the cost of shipping it back since it’s not “technically” defective.

In terms of the 2nd VAIO Z, I didn’t end up getting the exact same model specifications. After some deep thought, I went against my original conservative configuration and opted for the Blu-Ray burner. My reasoning for this as that despite the price, I was writing this off for business anyways and while I won’t be watching a lot of Blu-Ray movies on this, I will be creating a lot content (including HD videos) and will need a quick way to burn the data. I know I could get an external (which I still plan to do) for less but it’s just more convenient to not have to bring extra stuff. Other than that, I didn’t upgrade anything else. Eventually, I’ll want a bigger HDD but the one I got in my configuration is double what my old laptop had and that should suffice for now.

In terms of my comprehensive review, I will start on it this weekend and possibly post it partially to help others who are considering buying one. I’ll then add the Blu-Ray component of the review after I receive that unit. I’m actually pretty fired up to do the review since this is the first piece of exciting technology I’ve had in a while and most of the reviews I’ve seen already aren’t that great due to lack of research and understanding of the product.








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