Thank goodness for Acronis TrueImage…

If you’ve been a visitor of this site then you will know that I’m a huge fan of Acronis TrueImage. Although I’ve only reviewed up to version 7, I actually use version 8. Of course, the newest version is 9 and I haven’t upgraded yet since 8 seems to meet all my needs.

Anyways, I noticed that my system started behaving oddly yesterday. I suddenly lost the ability to put my notebook into standby. It would actually standby for about 2 seconds and then it would simply wake up. This was extremely annoying since I didn’t want to start/turnoff my system. I also noticed that the system was being a little sluggish recently so I figured I would refresh it. Normally, that would entail a fresh OS install; however, that process takes way too long since I have to reinstall all my apps as well.

With Acronis TrueImage and a recent full system image, it was easy enough to restore my system in about 30 minutes. I have several different images available to me.

- Baseline Installation - this one has the original OS install and default settings. This saves me time from having to use my notebooks restore CD/DVDs. It takes around 8-10 minutes to restore this.
- Basic Apps 1 - this uses the baseline install along with my most necessary applications and utilities
- Basic Apps 2 - this adds my next most often used applications.
- Occasional backups (Incrementals) - this is my working system with incremental backups every couple of months.

So, I use Acronis TrueImage to backup my boot disk and program applications only. I keep my data on a separate partition (usually D) so that if I ever need to refresh my system I just refresh C and my data gets loaded up automatically without me needing to re-setup everything. I back up the data using a different program that I’ll cover soon once it’s officially released.

Now my system is happy again and with very little down time. Gotta love it.








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