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Sorry for the lack of updates but I’ve spent the last couple of weeks working on the Sony TR forums site and finally have time to work on cleaning up this site and adding new content. I still have reviews in the wings and some new cool software that I’m playing with.

I also recently upgraded to Office 2003 and it’s really nice. I specifically wanted to use Outlook 2003 since it’s improved in terms of performance and usability features. My big complaint is that Microsoft still hasn’t fixed their IMAP support in Outlook. It’s atrocious! Basically, you can’t have it check multiple IMAP accounts on the same server because it craps out after checking two accounts…and I have 7 accounts I want to check. The crazy thing is that their own Outlook Express mail client works flawlessly with multiple IMAP accounts. You would think they would have borrowed the threading code from the OE team and work it into Outlook. The worse thing is that this problem has existed in the previous version which has been out for 2 years.

So, other than that issue…the program rocks although i still need to keep OE open to check my other accounts. More updates on the way…as always.








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