Back from Japan and a NW-E507 Update

I have finally returned from Japan and had expected my NW-E507 to be back but that was not the case. I called Sony Service this morning to find out what’s going and as expected, no one knew anything about it. Let’s go over the timetable so far…

07/19 - The NW-E507 dies on me unexpectedly. I am told by service to send it in and I will be sent a replacement unit (not a new one though).
07/20 - Fedex’d to Sony Service in Texas
07/25 - Signed for by a M. LOPEZ at Sony Service
08/03 - Officially entered into the Sony Service System as “Received” (YES, 7 BUSINESS DAYS LATER)
08/04 - I call to ask about how soon the replacement will ship. I am told that it takes 14 business days. That doesn’t sound like a replacement. It sounds like they’re going to fix it.
08/18 - I call again to ask about what’s going on. No known work done on the unit according to service records. I ask how long it will take and they tell me that “they don’t know at this time”. I ask, “Next week? Because otherwise you guys are pushing 1 month since you’ve received it and that’s unacceptable.”

So, I’ve escalated the situation a little higher and now a service person is going to contact me directly in the next 24 hours with a status update. Of course, the clock is ticking and if I don’t get a call I’m escalating it even more. We’ll see what happens…








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